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Acoustic Release Transponder

Acoustic Release Transponder is a key equipment of put, position, recycle the anchor system for ocean observation, also can use the control unit on boat deck to send order to long distance control the complex underwater system.
ART series Release transponder test in field many years and working reliable, specification stable. The characters are frequency range wide, release heavy weigh, action long distance, working time long. The control unit on boat deck is use easy and clear interface, also can long distance control and compatible with IXSEA and others.
ART series Release transponder can use together with acoustic position system, to get the accurate distance and position of the underwater point. Using many ART can make the long baseline positioning and concentration positioning.
Our company can supply custom request solution and plan, including split type ART and submerged buoy with communication.
●Independent intellectual property rights. Best quality with reasonable price.
●The control unit on boat deck is use easy and clear interface.
●Compatible with IXSEA perfectly.
●Can be made by customer request, many series and models.
●Quickly and quality response and services.
Product Function:
●Important recycle the anchor system for ocean observation.
●Positioning system underwater fixed watching table.
●Low power loss, high reliable, stable.
●Has signal standard, distance measurement, depth measurement and posture measurement function.
●Has long baseline positioning function. 
●Assembling split function.
●Whole ocean, many series and models, can be used in different sea and area.
Usage Field: 
●Salvage in the bottom of sea
●Monitoring sea environment
●Deep water submarine position and navigation
●Recycle the hydro logical monitoring equipment
●Sea oil exploration

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