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Acoustic Beacon

The Acoustic Beacon is fitted to an target underwater being tracked. It receives and responds encoded signal from/to mother Vessel/Station then the target position can be calculated by mother Vessel/Station. Acoustic Beacon works with subsea acoustic positioning system (USBL, SBL and LBL system), is widely applied in oil & gas industry, oceanology study, defense and underwater engineering.
●Compatible with Sonardyne Ranger and Scout systems and Konsberg HiPAP positioning system;
●Wholly owned technology;
●Multitypes, ready for bespoke design request;
●Quick and excellent customer services.
●Longitudinal replenishment at sea
●Offshore seismic project
●Underwater oilgas pipelines laying
●Underwater cable laying
●Diver positioning
●Wreck salvage
●Underwater rescue

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