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CSI offers low cost and durable industrial velocity geophone detectors for use with your existing equipment for identifying vibration problems before catastrophic failures occur. Machine balancing and monitoring as well as to appraise Structural strength and Security Intrusion detectors. We have velocity geophones from 1hz, 2hz, 2.5hz high sensitivity, 4.5hz, 5hz high sensitivity, 10hz, High temp and more.

(A low cost solution)

MACHINERY BALANCING: Velocity geophones are good to analyze angular motion and wobble in both fabrication and assembly of shafts, bearings and fly wheels.

MACHINERY ANALYSIS:Velocity geophones are mounted on strategic locations for monitoring machinery performance, wear and failure.Geophone detectors help identify vibration problems in machinery to avoid catastrophic failures in compressor and pump systems, surge, torsion vibration and resonance. They can detect wear and tear of critical machine parts such as shafts, bearings etc. before they fail.

VIBRATION MONITORING: Velocity geophones are used to detect measurement of vibration levels for locating and positioning critical machinery and equipment in factories and offices.

STRUCTURAL EVALUATION: Velocity geophones used to detect seismic and microseismic events to predict and analyze deformations of buildings, dams, mines and bridges to determine where breakdowns may occur.

INTRUSION DETECTION: Velocity geophones are used for security and surveillance systems to detect movement along boarders, prison perimeters,road ways and in buildings.

**Velocity geophones (Vertical & Horizontal available)**

PS-1 (1hz seismometer)

PS-2 (2hz)  Very small size

PS-2.5 (2.5hz)

PS-4.5 (4.5hz)

PS-4.5C1 (4.5hz high sensitivity) 

PS-5R (5hz high sensitivity)

PS-5GR (5hz high sensitivity)

PS-8X (8hz)

PS-10E (10hz)

PS-10X (10hz)

PS-10R (10hz high sensitivity)

PS-14B (14hz)

PS-28B (28hz)

PS-40X (40hz)

PS-60A (60hz)

PS-100A (100hz)

PSO-15 MINIATURE OMNI 2400 OHM (+240C) (15hz high temp) Other velocity geophones available